It’s one of those glorious days we all look forward too; all of the regular hosts of the podcast are on the road and in most cases thousands of miles from home.  Luckily we planned ahead and this week Martin is joined by Adrian Lane of Securosis instead of the usual cast of characters.  We recorded a couple of days early so that we’d have a podcast out, even though we probably missed one or two breaking stories.  Not that we’d know, since we’re all on the road and have limited access to our news feeds and Twitter.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 173, November 10, 2009
Time:  31:45

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  1. Firmin Charlot Says:

    I have really learned a lot from your podcasts. Keep up the good work. I have a question about securing data on a network and wondered what your suggestions might be in solving this problem. I am interested on encrypting a shared network drive where multiple people will have different levels of access to edit files and folders. I have looked at EFS (microsoft), PGP, TrueCrypt, and currently evaluating Entrust and BitArmor. EFS does not seems to keep the file encrypted once they are copied elsewhere. PGP has a Deskstop Storage solution that seems to be OK but lacks the ability to assign encryption access based on groups and is very pricy. TrueCrypt does a wonderful job at the desktop but does not have an option to encrypt a network share as far as I can tell.

    What are my options or some things to think about as I research a possible solution?
    My goal is to encrypt everything on the network share to prevent possible data leakage but also have the ability to unencrypt files and folders for end users.


  2. Kelly Says:

    I have tried multiple times to download Ep 173 thru iTunes without success. I get error “Unknown error occured (-39)”. I am not having this problem with any other podcast. Is anyone else having this problem?

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