Well, we had a rather interesting attempt at a podcast tonight.  Rich is in Zombie mode, with a plague ridden house.  Zach is in a relatively new job and had to find a conference room to record in this week.  Which unfortunately meant he was kicked out of the room when we were almost done with the podcast.  And lastly, Martin was more interested in going drinking with a bunch of security geeks in London than editing a podcast.  At least this week all of our technology worked; last week we abandoned the podcast after nearly an hour of Martin saying, “But it worked two weeks ago and I haven’t changed anything!” (He had, but that’s a different issue.)

Network Security Podcast, Episode 328

Time: 27:40

Show Notes:

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  1. Target Breach - Page 2 Says:

    […] to it because one of the podcasters was moving from the US to the UK at the end of last year. http://netsecpodcast.com/?p=1289 You might find it an interesting […]

  2. Tom Arseneault Says:

    Just wanted to make few corrections about the bit on the Target breach and Credit Cards. One, years ago you only heard about terminal breaches when one was physically messed with, because they were connected by phone lines and not remotely vulnerable, now that terminals are getting IP addresses they are getting vulnerable remotely so that only now was the hack possible. Two, chip and pin terminals still have the same vulnerability so would not have been immune to the attack. the chip makes it very hard to clone the card but they can still grab the card number. Three, the US is moving towards a chip and signature setup rather then chip and pin, where the chip authenticates the card and the signature authorizes the transaction (a mistake in my book as signatures has been shown to be poor authenticators for years). And four, when chip and signature cards are implemented, supposedly in 2015, it’s a given that any merchant still using Mag strip technology will be responsible for their own fraud, and I agree they will probably pass it on to the customers.

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