It’s a new year, and we’re back to our normal format for the first time since episode 84. This weeks episode, a short 32 minutes, is dedicated to the memory of privacy. Martin and I highlight the rash of privacy-related stories that are already dominating the security news in 2008. We start with a short aside on the idiocy of allowing passengers any physical connections to the flight control systems on a Boeing 787 (I don’t care how many firewalls you put up), then move on to our main topic- from spyware at Sears to yet-another-Facebook-fiasco.On personal notes, Martin had a major system crash and moved the Network Security Blog to a hosting provider. You can find more information here, and some of his old links are broken since he also switched to WordPress. Rich will be at MacWorld Expo next week, so Martin may be on his own for the show.Show Notes:

Network Security Podcast, Episode 89

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