Zach was a little late, but Rich and Martin start with talks of their recent travels (Martin wins) and prepping for DefCon. Then we jump into the latest super hot security news.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 279, May 29, 2012

Time: 38:34

Show notes:

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After the scary Canadians ransacked our show, Rich needed some alone time in the cornfields of some midwestern state. Respecting Rich’s need for “meditation” (or a quick sell of all of his Facebook shares), Martin and Zach, in their respective bleary-eyed states, recorded anyway.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 278, May 22, 2012

Time:  37:05

Show notes:

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So funny story about the show. Zach and I (Rich) were prepping to record when a work thing hit. Since Zach was on a tight timeline due to his own work obligations we announced we were skipping the show.

About an hour later a black SUV with a maple leaf sticker on the bumper pulled up in front of my house. A group of heavily armed agents secured a perimeter, rang the doorbell, and left a cooler on my doorstep. Inside was dry ice and a USB drive in the shape of an audio cassette.

I haven’t listed to this, but based on the label it seems our friends from Liquidmatrix recorded tonight’s episode.

May the deity of your choice have mercy on your soul/shakra/karma/whatever if you listen to this.

The Network Security Podcast, Episode 277.

Time: 15:04



1/ Free Byron -
2/ DNS Changer - and
3/ Facebook IPO -


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Tonight’s show notes will be short, but the show itself ran a little long at about 45 minutes. This week we dedicated the entire episode to mobile security- from platform security up through carrier security issues.

We are joined this week by Nick Selby, a good friend, part-time police officer (in Texas, which is a tad scary), and well known (former) industry analyst and (current) incident responder and risk consultant.

Tonight’s show was Nick’s idea, and it aligned really well with Zach’s history of mobile platform research. And, for once, I (Rich) didn’t screw up the recording.


The Network Security Podcast, Episode 276 

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By the grace of FSM, schedules synced up this week so we could all get together (despite Martin’s perpetual jet lag). Narrowly avoiding a discussion of CISPA (we’ll save that for later), the gang touches on some vulnerability disclosure gaffes, an “attack back” proposal (what year is this?), and more.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 275, May 1, 2012

Time:  34:21

Show notes:

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