It was one of those nights where just about everything that could go wrong did.  The firewire module in Martin’s mixer died just before recording.  Rich got a call about halfway through the recording.  Zach was suspiciously lacking in rage.  Like I said, just about everything was wrong tonight.  But we pulled it off despite ourselves.  In fact, Zach managed to score an interview with a pair of his co-workers who have some insight into what’s happening at Lower Merion School District.  If you’re at all involved with the LMSD case, please, please do what you can to preserve the evidence, even if that means you just let the laptop sit in a closet somewhere.

I just realized I don’t think we stayed on topic for more than 2 minutes at a time tonight.  Not that anyone finds that unusual.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 186, February 23, 2010
Time:  38:45

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Chaos ensues this week when Martin, Rich, and Zach are joined by more of the Securosis gang (Mike Rothman and Adrian Lane). Somewhere between jabs at Martin and chatter about, uh, “pay-for companionship” and “stimulants”, we actually talked about some security stuff. Who’da thunk?

Network Security Podcast, Episode 185

Time: [26]:[28]

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Having escaped* the snowpocalypse/shmoopocalypse/shmowpocalypse that brought D.C. to a halt during ShmooCon 2010, I was able to join Martin and Rich for this week’s recording. I had another fantastic time at this year’s ShmooCon, and so wanted to share some of that with our listeners. Be on the lookout for the recording from the Podcaster’s Meetup, where I represented Network Security Podcast alongside a cast of zany characters from some of our fellow podcasts (and even a videocast).

* – huge sadface for some of our comrades that got stuck in D.C. for an extra day or two

Network Security Podcast, Episode 184
Time: 40:24

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After missing last week due to overlapping travel, we’re back this week with all three of us (although Rich is a bit under the weather). It’s the usual weekly roundup with only a minor diversion to talk about some thingy that some computer company announced with an “i” in the name.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 183
Time: 40:24

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