You can clearly tell it’s a holiday week in this episode, as we meander our way through an even more random selection of stories than usual. Martin was on the road and Rich manged to not [redacted] up the recording, and we even have a little music.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(If you are in the US… the rests of you enjoy your non-holiday week anyway).

Network Security Podcast, Episode 174, November 24, 2009
Time:  33:54

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Due to a technical failure, we ended up with a podcast that was only one half of the Skype conversation. Since Martin was traveling, only one of us was recording, and as a result we lost all of it.

Thus here are the show notes Martin, Zach, and I talked about… but you will never hear.

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It’s one of those glorious days we all look forward too; all of the regular hosts of the podcast are on the road and in most cases thousands of miles from home.  Luckily we planned ahead and this week Martin is joined by Adrian Lane of Securosis instead of the usual cast of characters.  We recorded a couple of days early so that we’d have a podcast out, even though we probably missed one or two breaking stories.  Not that we’d know, since we’re all on the road and have limited access to our news feeds and Twitter.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 173, November 10, 2009
Time:  31:45

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“The Episode that almost Wasn’t”  It’s been a day.  Shortly before we were scheduled to start, there was a pop and the power went out at Martin’s house.  Rich has issues of his own to deal with.  And Zach is … somewhere.  It was only because the local electric company responded quickly for the first time I can remember were we able to squeeze in a podcast recording between emergencies.  And now that we’ve recorded and posted, it’s time to put our noses back to the grindstone and work for a couple more hours.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 172
Time:  33:26

Show Notes:

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