Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Nothing makes us more excited than being able to correlate actual monetary losses to major breaches, and a study in Maine that does exactly that leads us off this week. (Maybe some other things excite us more, but we’re not about to talk about those on the podcast). From there we dig into the pittance of information available on the breach, before heading off into pundit land as we discuss the White House priorities for Homeland Security, spammers and short-lived websites, and yet another idiot leaving sensitive data on portable storage (an MP3 player).

We recorded during the work day this week, so a few times you get to hear our phones in the background. We promise we didn’t just add them in there to trick all of you into thinking we really have jobs.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 136, January 27, 2009
Time: 27:43

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By definition, every day is “historic”, but there are clearly some events that will be remembered through the annals of history more than others. Today is the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States; and boy is it a day filled with history. It’s also a day filled with a big honking data breach.

In tonight’s episode we talk about what the new administration revealed about their technology policy agenda. We also discuss worms on military systems in the UK, the security metrics of laughter, and disclosure gone bad. Again. Through all this Rich comes a little unhinged in a series of rants that cover the First Amendment, goths, and New Zealand strip clubs. Martin makes a bad submarine joke.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 135, January 20, 2009
Time:  35:32

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    Rich and Martin have a bunch of news to talk about tonight, along with a little bit of rambling at the end.  We’re both getting used to the new year and getting our feet back underneath us after taking some time off for the holidays.  Why is it that if you take the time off the work still keeps piling up while you’re gone.  We’re working on some improvements for the show that aren’t quite ready, but Rich teases a little at the end of the show.

    Network Security Podcast, Episode 134, January 13, 2009

    Time:  32:27

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    Rich is San Francisco at Mac World and Martin is in his office at home this week for the first podcast of 2009.  We’re keeping it short, since both of us are still in the Christmas spirit of not getting a lot done.  Really, it’s more like Rich is on a cell phone in the center of Mac World and Martin has a lot of catching up to do after taking some time off to travel with his family. 

    Network Security Podcast, Episode 133, January 6, 2009
    Time 18:44

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