We’d suspected this day would come for quite some time, but it’s time to make it official: The Network Security Podcast will no longer be a regular, weekly podcast, Rich Mogull and Zach Lanier will not be a consistent part of the podcast. The podcast will continue in some form, but it’ll be Martin doing any of the publishing.  Which isn’t really all that big of a change anyway.

Basically, all three of us have become incredibly busy in the last year.  Zach has a wedding to plan, a new job and has moved again.  Rich has more business and work than any time in living memory and has had to cut out anything not related to work or family.  And Martin moved to Europe and is on the road close to 50% of the time, further complicating everything.

There will still be microcasts and occasional interviews published through the podcast site, but for the most part we’re shutting down production.  It’s a sad day as we’ve been doing this podcast in one form or another for nearly almost 9 years.  We’ll miss talking to each other and our audience, but the needs of life have intervened and require our attention elsewhere.  You can catch all three of us at various conferences, either presenting or attending and know that we’ve always loved hearing feedback from you.

Keep an eye and ear open as there are already plans in process for what comes next.  You didn’t think Martin could stop talking, did you?

Network Security Podcast, Episode 332 – The End of an Era

Time: 50:58


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It’s been a while since we could last record a podcast, but at least we were able to get Rich and Martin together this week.  Zach was supposed to join us as well, but got called away to fight a fire at the last minute.  Such is life sometimes.  But we got this episode recorded, so let’s celebrate the small victories.  We don’t know when we’ll have the time for another one as most of the hosts are galavanting around the world and having fun.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 331, May 6, 2014

Time:  38:05

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It only took 4+ weeks, but Martin and Zach are back on the air. Rich is back to his “(Inter)National Man of Mystery” routine, so he missed out on the somewhat lively discussion about drones, “secure” browsers, PCI, and, of course, the NSA.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 330
Time: 37:27

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Hooray! The first podcast of the year where all three of us are actually on (and we ran slightly longer). BSidesSF and RSA are rapidly approaching, so Martin, Rich, and Zach are preparing in various capacities — from talk preparation, to scheduling meetings, to preparing their livers (namely because that’s about the only way to deal with some of the goings-on at RSA).

Network Security Podcast, Episode 329

Time: 43:40

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Well, we had a rather interesting attempt at a podcast tonight.  Rich is in Zombie mode, with a plague ridden house.  Zach is in a relatively new job and had to find a conference room to record in this week.  Which unfortunately meant he was kicked out of the room when we were almost done with the podcast.  And lastly, Martin was more interested in going drinking with a bunch of security geeks in London than editing a podcast.  At least this week all of our technology worked; last week we abandoned the podcast after nearly an hour of Martin saying, “But it worked two weeks ago and I haven’t changed anything!” (He had, but that’s a different issue.)

Network Security Podcast, Episode 328

Time: 27:40

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It’s the first show of 2014, and following the recent trends in the podcast, it’s just Rich and Martin tonight as Zach is stuck in traffic somewhere.  Seems that moving farther and farther north has had an impact on Zach’s ability to get through traffic.  Martin and Rich ramble on a bit about the holiday’s tonight, but you’re saved from too much of that by Rich’s time constraints.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 327 for 07 January, 2014

Time: 27:49

Show notes:

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Well, folks, this is the last show of 2013. On this episode, Martin and Zach regroup (sans Rich, who is doing his own special NetSecPodcast end-of-year recording) to cover recent(ish) news, as well as take some time to reflect on 2013. They also delve a bit into what they think 2014 has in store , but not like one of those pesky “top XX predictions” things. ;]

Network Security Podcast, Episode 326 for 10 December, 2013

Time:  38:01

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Tonight Rich and Martin celebrate the 8th year anniversary of the podcast, mostly by remembering how old they’ve really become.  They also offer up career advice that goes beyond the usual, “Run, run away and don’t look back!” Unluckily, Zach couldn’t join the troop tonight as he is somewhere in a big metal tube being shuttled between detention centers, or airports as they may be called in some locations.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 325 for 19 November, 2013
Time:  34:46

Show notes:

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It was Guy Fawkes day in the UK and nothing special in the US, which means all of the hosts are confused as to why the English were firing off fireworks during tonight’s podcast.  We had a good time anyway and are all glad to be back together after a longer break than had been anticipated between podcasts.  It’s hard to find time to record when you’re on 2 different continents and spanning 7 time zones, but we’ll continue to bumble through the issue.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 324

Time:  35:11

Show notes:

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The gang reconvenes for another round of surveillance- and privacy-laden discussion.  It’s a bit obvious that Martin is running the show this week, since he can’t stop talking about the latest stories about spying, but we’ll try to do a little better next week.  And since he has an audio chain again, Martin has added in a song, for the first time in months.  Hopefully you’ll like it, but if not, forward all complaints to martin at mckeay dot net.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 323, October 7, 2013

Show Notes:

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